We are the best place to study the Hebrew langauge.

Join one of our courses from Hebrew Basic 1 to intermediate 1 or with our private tutoring sessions.

Our School

The Hebrew Academy in Singapore was founded in 2015 by Bito Sharvid Dahari, a native Israeli speaker that has always wanted to teach others the Hebrew language.

Our Students

We have a wide range of students from all kinds of backgrounds and ages that are interested in learning Hebrew.  Children from youth movements, Singaporean Soldiers and corporate executives.

Our Mission

We enjoy teaching Hebrew. We ensure that every student finishes our Hebrew basic 1 courses with the proper tools to read, write and start a basic conversation. We deliver the best language learning material and skills for you to begin your exciting journey.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are all carefully selected to ensure that their values and characters reflect that of our school. We employ only Hebrew native speakers to ensure the quality of our programs. We will recruit and retain only the best educators in their respective fields.

Study at any level, from beginner to fluent